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Text by Amaya

I have known Tzaella since I was a child. For some reason she always fascinated me. In critical times of my life she was always there and helped me when I asked. I am a strong personality yet felt safe and trusting Tzaella.

Since my adolescence I was suffering from acute pain in my body. The doctors didn't know the cause of my pain. However, eventually it was diagnosed as rheumatism.

Nearly four years ago I wrote Tzaella an Email and asked her again for help. I had fears of death I couldn't define. As always, she was there for me and willing to help. This time Tzaella told me that she would work with the 144 Light Body Codes, a self-healing system. Initially, I had resistance. I was my biggest obstacle to overcome. I needed trust and belief that the Code Drawings could help me to heal.

I also learned REIKI from Tzaella. My trust and belief grew daily as I could see and feel the healing benefits from the Codes and Reiki treatments.

From the beginning when I started to work with the Codes, I felt AMAYA (Divine feminine Energy) very close to me in a loving way. I worked with the Codes of the DIVINE FEMININE intensively. The vibration of the name AMAYA felt skid to me as it activated a sense of God Presence within. The Code KUMARA (Synthesis) helps me to centre in energy of healing and strength.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer that required radiation therapy and an operation. I continued trusting myself with the codes and experiences gradual healing to complete well-being. This has been a gradual healing process that required diligence, patience and strength. It has paid off, as I can see huge changes in my body, mind and soul. The Codes are an amazing Self-healing tool that has changed my life for the better in every way. Thank you!


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