A Series of beautiful Mandala Drawings and Sounds designed to
Assist Self-Healing, Self-Awareness, and Self-Love   

Awaken and Discover the source of your true nature, connect with your divinity, develop your inner guidance to reveal your capacity for self-love, self-trust, self-confidence and healing. Clear blockages on multi-dimensional levels. Activate greater creativity to live a more fulfilling life!

This new inner technology system:

  • Awakens and accelerates human consciousness
  • Enables clarity of mind
  • Reduces fear
  • Opens the heart to greater love
  • Dissolves emotional blockages – some instantly!
  • Harmonises the body’s energy-system
  • Assists in transformation
  • Raises our vibration in and around us
  • Embodies the God Presence
  • Brings joy and inner freedom
  • Plus so much more…
“…remarkable activating tools for the elevation and acceleration of consciousness.”
The Codes of Light created by Tzaella are remarkable activating tools for the elevation and acceleration of consciousness.  They work in very subtle ways yet have a profound and totally life-changing result.  I have worked with them personally and have also used them as activating healing tools for my students and clients. Without exception, the dedicated use of these Codes has brought amazing results enabling greater clarity, balance and self-awareness.
Ashtara, Astrologer, Author and Spiritual Teacher